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Our First Sip: Welcome to Sunday Morning Coffee

11 Sep 2022
Our First Sip: Welcome to Sunday Morning Coffee


Welcome to our first sip together!  I've been thinking of starting a blog series for a while now to talk about industry insights, plans for our store, upcoming events, how we are getting involved in our community, etc.  As I would think about these topics and how I could best bring my insights to our clients and partners, I often found myself pouring a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning where all was quiet in the house (except for our French Bulldog Toby snoring).  While coffee is a must on most days I came to realize that especially on Sunday I had built a quiet routine without realizing it - which lead me to name this series Sunday Morning Coffee, or SMC for short. 

There is nothing quite like that first sip of coffee.  Something about the ritual of a hot beverage and silence with your thoughts is soothing and rewarding.  As a business owner, it gives me time to think about new ideas or where I need to improve our business.  As a dog dad, it gives me a few more minutes with a snoring (but cute) Frenchie by my side.  

I thought I'd start our first sip with a little bit about me since I get asked a lot how I ended up owning a business like this.  I grew up in a postal family.  My grandmother worked at the post office for a very long time and as a kid I would often be in the back of the post office sorting letters or playing with the return to sender stamp.  In high school, my first job was at an independent mail and package hub just like Postmarked.  It was there I learned work ethic, how to build boxes, and most importantly (at least according to my grandma) how to recognize customer's instantly by PO Box number.  You see she had left the post office by that time and was working with me at the mail store.  Someone would walk in the front door and she would head to their PO Box - "oh that's box 1054" she'd say walking off in the distance returning a few minutes later with their mail and a smile.  So you could say running a mail store was in my blood from a very early age - and thus Postmarked was born.  

The most important thing for me is that when people walk in the door they feel appreciated, loved, and are met by a staff that is genuinely happy to see them.  We often get to know people's families, their kids, dogs, and even grand-dogs.  When we package and ship something - we put love into because we'd want the same.  When you buy a pack of our delicious Poppy Popcorn, for example, we know it will put a smile on your face because it did ours.  When you purchase an item in our store that is made by another local small business you are supporting local times two - something we're pretty passionate about.  

We like to say we're your premier neighborhood mail & package hub, gift shop, print and business services center.  What we really mean by that is that we're your neighbors - we want to help in any way we can.  Don't hesitate to ask and if we can make it happen we will try our best to do so.  

Stay tuned to the Sunday Morning Coffee series for more sips together as I share some store updates, thoughts, and helpful tips.


Cheers Y'all,

Postmarked Owner

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